Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Monday, November 09, 2015


Welcome to my book blog!
I've been a book addict since forever, but it's only recently that I've decided to post my reviews on line.
There are so many wonderful (and not so good) books out there, that I'd like to share my comments on the ones I'm reading. 
Once upon a time, I'd struggle to find new books to read. I live in Mexico, so I had access to all the books written in Spanish, but it was very difficult to find books in English, and I read more in English than in Spanish. Now, with all the modern technologies, I only have to open my computer and buy 7 books. 
This year I entered an online challenge and I pledged to read 100 books. It's November 9 and I've read 101 so far, so it's looking good.
Most of the books have been very good, and I've discovered new authors. My problem now, as the saying goes, is "so little time, so many books". I have more than 300 books on my TBR pile and it grows every day. How do we choose the good ones, the books that will take a place in our life and our heart? Maybe I can help a bit there, by sharing my reviews.
As I'm new to blogs, be patient with me. Design is a bit simple right now, but that will change in the next weeks.
Hope you enjoy reading it!